Justice Dooley has been a member of the Vermont Supreme Court since 1987, and before that was Secretary of Administration – the Chair of the Governor’s Cabinet – of the State of Vermont. He became active in legal reform in Russia in 1991, and has formed and led NGO’s to pursue that reform through partnerships between American state legal communities and those in Russian Oblasts. For the last few years, he has specialized in publishing Russian court decisions and bringing transparency to Russian court proceedings and records.

Date and Place of Birth:
April 10, 1944 at Nashua, New Hampshire

Union College, 1961-1965, B.E.E., June, 1965; Boston College Law School, 1965-1968, LL.B., June, 1968

1987-Present: State of Vermont, Montpelier, VT – Associate Justice, Vermont Supreme Court
1985-1987: State of Vermont, Montpelier, VT – Secretary of Administration
1984-1985: State of Vermont, Montpelier, VT – Legal Counsel to Governor Madeleine M. Kunin
1972-1978: Vermont Legal Aid, Inc., Burlington, VT – Director
1971-1975: U.S. District Court, Burlington, VT – United States Magistrate
President, Vermont Bar Association (9/88 through 9/89)

Other Relevant Responsibilities:

President, Vermont/Karelia Rule of Law Project, Inc. (1992-present)
The Vermont/Karelia Rule of Law Program was established in 1992 to conduct programs to advance and support the legal profession and judiciary of the State of Vermont and the Republic of Karelia. Over the fourteen years of its operation, VKROLP has sponsored numerous programs in Karelia and in Vermont for Karelia judges and lawyers. Justice Dooley has participated in over 30 seminars, roundtables and conferences in Karelia for all or part of the Karelia legal community, and numerous other assistance programs. For example, VKROLP sponsored the establishment of a legal clinic at Petrozavodsk State University Law Department, the first legal clinic at a Russian law school. VKROLP operated the first civil legal assistance program in Russia as a demonstration, training judges of the Karelia Supreme Court to write decisions for publication and publishing those decisions, and designing a court-annexed alternative dispute resolution program for the arbitrazh court.

President, Board of Directors, Russian American Rule of Law Consortium (1998 to Present)
RAROLC was established as an outgrowth of the Vermont/Karelia program to develop, support and fund similar partnership programs between the legal communities of American states and the legal communities of Russian regions. RAROLC currently sponsors partnership programs in ten states and regions: Vermont and Karelia, Maine and Archangelsk Oblast, Maryland and Leningrad Oblast, Western New York (Rochester) and Novgorod Oblast, New Hampshire and Vologda Oblast, Massachusetts and Tomsk Oblast, Connecticut and Pskov Oblast, Oregon and Sakhalin Oblast, Alaska and Khabarovsk Krai, and Washington and Primorskii Krai. The Board sets policy for RAROLC and allocates funds coming to it from various public funding sources, primarily USAID. RAROLC also publishes court decisions from courts in northwest Russia on criminal procedure and sponsors conferences on writing and publishing court decisions. See www.rarolc.org.