Principal Program

RUSLEF’s principal program is the selection, funding, and supervision of qualified Russian law students to enroll for one year at ABA-accredited U.S. law schools that waive tuition. (To be qualified, Russian law students must have completed no less than three, and usually four, years of law study leading to a Russian law degree in an accredited Russian law faculty; demonstate superior academic and intellectual skills based on academic records and personal interviews; and possess satisfactory English language skills based on the TOEFL English language examination.) The average RUSLEF scholarship is approximately $16,000 per student (covering travel, room and board, living expenses, health insurance, and books). Any accredited U.S. law school which agrees to waive its tuition is eligible to apply to RUSLEF to host a Russian student. (Since its establishment, RUSLEF scholars have been placed nationwide, from Maine to California.)